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About Dojo Solutions

$199 a month, no contracts
Billing, Database, Attendance, Point of Sale, Custom Reporting, Email Broadcasting, Rank Advancements, Merchandise Ordering. Dojo Solutions is the easiest to use martial arts school management computer system on the market. All you need to run your business is an internet connection and a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Billing: You control all aspects of your martial arts school through the system. Imagine having the ability to change a client's bill date or amount with the click of a button. You have the power and freedom to run all of your own billing. You choose when and how you get paid from each of your clients. You set the contract type, length, amount, bill date, payment method, discounts, down payment, and if you would like the contract to automatically renew. Get paid on your terms.

Database, Reports, Attendance, Email Broadcasting: Any information you need to collect from a studnet is all stored in the easy to use databse system and there are custom reports to give you all the vital numbers you need to now about your school. Attendance is tracked and reported to you weekly with options to send your clients "missing in action" emails to make sure no students slip through the cracks. Students can check themselves in to class on a tablet, or a staff member can check in a whole class of students at once. Need to send an email to your whole student database or maybe on to just your Black Belts? You can create custom email groups and send as many emails to each group as you need.

Point of Sale: Imagine having a client say "Please sign my son up for testing and run my card you have on file." That's how easy Dojo Solutions makes taking payments. All credit card information is securely stored into the system and can be used for monthly payments and point of asle transactions. You create your own merchandise catalog and set your own prices. It takes just a few easy steps to run a sale; click on the student, the item, the payment method, then complete. You even have the option to email or print your client a receipt if they want one. You get paid the next day and all the information about the sale is saved and connected to the student.


Dojo Solutions
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