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About the National Martial Arts Alliance

The National Martial Arts Alliance (NMAA) was founded by Master Jody Horn and Mrs. Emma Horn in 2013 with their goal of creating a martial arts organization that offers more than just an affiliation for school owners. NMAA offers curriculum, instructor training, sales training, consulting, tournaments, community, and an all-in-one martial arts school management computer system, Dojo Solutions. Combining all these things makes The National Martial Arts Alliance the premier martial arts school affiliation organization.

We offer one on one consulting from school owners who have overcome many of the same obstacles you might be facing. Let our experience of running successful schools for over 20 years turn your passion into your profession. We have modern and up to date curriculum designed to keep students engaged and parents happy. You bring value to your school already, now let NMAA help bring that value directly to your clients. Imagine having 200 active students all happy in your program because they see the value and benefits that you and your school provide. We can help you get there!

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A Note from Master Horn

I started NMAA while in the search of an organization that supports its schools and truly cares about the success of the school owner. I wanted to provide martial arts school owners an opportunity to do what they love for a living and to be successful at it. I am able to teach Taekwondo for a living because of the all the things I have learned over the years and my goal is to spread that knowledge to as many instructors and school owners as I can. I would love to help you make money and have a career in martial arts. Call me today and we can talk one on one and discuss your goals and determine what the best steps for you and your school would be to reach those goals.